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December 06, 2018


Friends for almost twenty years and colleagues for about 10, Jaime Knopman and Sheeva Talebian are two of the most trusted and loved fertility specialists in NYC.  They work together at CCRM NY, a center created for women and families who are experiencing infertility.  They also have an incredible blog, TRULY MD, where they share honest, understandable advice for women trying to conceive.  They are doctors, mothers, and athletes on a mission to empower and educate women on all things reproductive. We caught up with them in their chic NYC office and talked about, well, everything!

After years of friendship, what inspired you to team up and launch a practice together?
We have always functioned as a team; even before we opened our own practice we adopted a collaborative approach to patient care. We talked though difficult patient cases, assisted each other in the OR and formulated treatment strategies together. Between the two of us there was no ego and no competition--this attitude significantly benefited our patients. When we had the opportunity to launch our own practice it was sort of a no brainer---we get to help build families and do it together...where do we sign up?! As of now our practice has been open for 2.5 years and we couldn't be happier. There is really nothing like working with your best friend. Although we frequently show up in the same clothes and patients often have trouble telling us apart, knowing that you are never alone on this journey is incredible. 

What is the biggest myth surrounding pregnancy that you encounter with your patients?
That you can control it! The reality is that what happens when you are trying to get pregnant, during your pregnancy or after your pregnancy is in almost all ways out of your control. As women we tend to blame ourselves for everything, including our ability (or inability to get pregnant). However the reality is it's almost never your fault. That cup of coffee, glass of wine or extra spin class is not what is preventing you from getting pregnant. We want to make sure women know this and stop beating themselves up. Self-blame and guilt will not get you anywhere! 

We love your blog, Truly MD! What drove you to create a medical blog and how do you manage to keep it so friendly, honest, and accessible to readers?
Our goal was to empower and educate women on all things reproductive. We wanted to be honest, direct and not to sugarcoat the truth (and also to take the medical jargon out so women could really understand what we were saying!). From your first period to your last period we wanted to offer answers, insight, and awareness into all things female-related. Is birth control bad? Am I fertile? Are these pregnancy symptoms normal? Do I have to breastfeed? You name it and we will talk about it. Because of time and geography we can only see a certain number of patients in a day. We wanted to take our message nationally educating and empowering women to become their own advocates through our medical advice. 

Can you please confirm that PMS is REAL and provide some tips on how to manage it (for the sake of our husbands and families, lol)?
Oh it's real! Although there are not many things that you want to do when you have your period except lay in bed, watch re-runs of Sex in the City and eat coffee Haagen Dazs ice cream between work, family and an endless list of responsibilities you have to get out of bed and get moving. We recommend the following: ease up on pro-inflammatory foods (sugars, saturated fats, fried foods); while these are all you really want to eat they can make cramps and worse. Exercise during your period is a major plus. Although it may sound unappealing it can reduce inflammatory proteins which can make PMS way worse. This also might be a good time to break out the heating pad; heat increase blood flow which decreases inflammation. Lastly don't be afraid to take pain medicine (Advil, Tylenol). Menstrual cramps are real and often require medication. 

When you aren’t working and have a day to just be friends and chill, what do you love to do together?
Drinking wine and eating sushi preferably on a beach. Summer is our absolute favorite time!

You both have families, how do you manage such a busy practice and children?
As doctors and mothers we often find ourselves running (literally) from work to home, from kids' school to kids' soccer practices and from our offices to errands. But throughout the sometimes chaotic nature of our day we try to find at least 30 mins to stop and SLOW down. Whether its before the day starts or as the day ends we try and take a moment to be present and to PUT down our phone! We have learned that it's not about quantity its about quality. Even 10 minutes of being in it is better than 100 minutes of sort of being in it!

LIGHTNING ROUND -- What's in your bag?

Lipstick or chapstick?
J: Lipgloss, S: Lipgloss
Loose change or change purse?
J: Loose change, S: Change purse
Cookie crumbs or keep it clean?
J: Cookie crumbs, S: Keep it clean
Car Keys or Metrocard?
J: Metrocard (I lose my keys on a daily basis!), S:  Metrocard
Book or tablet?
J: Tablet, S: Tablet
Essential oils or Advil?                                                                                            
J: Advil, S: Advil -- we are big runners and are always in need of Advil!
Sunglasses or reading glasses?
J: Sunglasses - multiple pairs, I'm always losing them! S: Sunglasses, same pair!    


The Salt strap that is so me is....
J:  Annabelle 
S: Duke
The dream bag I would pair it with is....                                                                                              
J: Celine Seau Sangle Bag  
S: Anything Chloe!
The most essential thing in our bags is
J:  Phone
S: Phone                                                                                            
The most random thing in my bag is ...
J: LOL dolls and barbie figures...I have two girls who are always bringing their "friends" along 
S: Random Lego pieces
We always carry tampons in case of emergencies.
The most embarrassing thing in my bag is...   
J: Nipple covers 
S: Tweezers
Describe your bag in 5 words or less.
J: Messy with no essentials
S: Organized with all the essentials.

he source for Jaime + Sheeva's edit
Truly MD, CCRM Fertility New York, Celine Seau Sangle Bag, Chloe Bags, the Annabelle Strap, the Duke strap                                                                                               

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