January 16, 2019


No one raises eyebrows in Hollywood like Kristie Streicher. And it’s not just because she looks like a supermodel, dresses like a stylist and hangs out like your best friend. In 2014, she and her two impossibly beautiful sisters, Ashley (a sought-after hair stylist) and Jenn (an a-list makeup artist), became official beauty world fixtures when they opened their sleek primping studio, STRIIIKE, on the cusp of Beverly Hills. But it’s her disruptive approach to eyebrow shaping that laid much of the groundwork for the talented trio’s collaboration: For years before that, insiders flocked to Kristie for her signature technique and modern aesthetic—dubbed “The Feathered Brow”—which relies on tweezers, embraces big brows and doesn’t shy away from making a statement. We were so psyched to chat with Kristie (a no-brainer girl crush) about all things brows and style:

Let's talk eyebrows!  What are the most common mistakes people make when trying to shape their eyebrows? 
The most common, and probably most unknown mistake, is tweezing each and every hair as they grow in. I find that people are maintaining a shape they were given years ago without realizing it. Even when you just tweeze a few hairs every week or every few days accumulatively your slowly not only tweezing out your brow but preventing the other hairs to fill in where needed. When you allow the hair to grow in and tweeze all at once on a 2 month cycle you can actually train the hair to grow where you want it and not to grow where you don't! Another common mistake is cutting the hair too short. Shape is dependent on how the eyebrow hairs lay, so if they are cut too short they will not lay correctly and this canexpose any holes are sparse areas in the brows and also dense patches. Lastly making the eyebrow ends or tails too thin: We slowly loose eyebrow hairs over time, which can be age related or due to thyroid deficiencies. It is important to keep them a touch fuller, especially on the ends so make sure you are not over tweezing these areas at any time.

TOO ROUND: This round shape is the most common. It enhances dark circles and under eye bags by completing a circles around the eye.

TADPOLE: This is a heavy in the front of the brow and has a very thin and short tail. This can create a scowling and harsh look to the face.

SHORT BROW: This “short brow” is just as common as the rounded shape.

DOWNWARD TAILS: When the tail of your eyebrow is in a downward direction it can draw the eyes down and have a droopy and aging effect on the face.

HARD ARCH: If the arch of your brow has an exaggerated point it can be very harsh on the face, villain-like.

Can you share some DO's and DONT's for the eyebrow challenged?

DO let them grow!
DO brush them up and hold them up using a strong hold gel. Keeping hairs in an upward direction with really lifts the eyes and face. Its like a mini face & eye lift
DO fill them in! If your brows are too thin for your face or fall too short- Fill them in along the brow bone line using products that look natural. i.e.. a powder or powdery pencil. Always blend out with a brush.
DON'T wax. Ever. Waxing the skin around the eye can be very damaging to the sensitive skin tissue and case premature aging.
DON'T use a magnifying mirror to tweeze or trim brows. No one should see themselves that close. Magnifying mirrors can be a tool for self destruction.
DON'T over-cut your brows. “Crew-Cut” brows are NOT CUTE!. Cut hairs one at a time and alter the length so you don’t make any dense patches, holes or sparse areas.
DON'T let the ends get too thin/ short. As we age, they naturally thin from the ends first so keep them as long and as full as possible.

What advice can you give to girls who over-plucked in the 90’s and never recovered?
Let them grow!! I have also found that growth serums like Grande Brow and M2 Brow rejuvenating serums can really work in cultivating new growth. For those looking for a more natural, DIY treatment, I recommend using a soft spoolie- type brush and gently brushing hairs in an upward motion can remove dead skin cells that tend to accumulate under and around the hair. This will also stimulate the brow skin area and increase blood flow which can strengthen and promote new and healthy hair growth. Finish by massaging a nourishing oil, rich in Vitamin E, such Afore Oil to protect, moisturize and maintain healthy, strong hair growth. I recommend doing this daily.

Thoughts on microblading?
I think that with any of these semi permanent techniques the more natural/ native hair you have the better it looks. It can look great depending on the placement and direction of strokes, blade/ pigment used and when its used to fill in holes and sparse areas only. On its own, without enough natural hair, it can very much look like a tattoo! Microfeathering is my own concept of Microblading. My main goal with this technique is to really mimic the natural hair and its growth patterns for the perfect Feathered Brow which is soft, natural and beautiful. Microfeathering is typically used on areas of the brow that are surrounded with natural hair. Gaps and sparsely covered areas can be filled in, resulting in the most natural look possible. You should not be able to differentiate between the Microfeather strokes and real eyebrow hair. I created Microfeathering to ideally mimic native hair, being of appropriate length and orientation to seamlessly compliment the natural hair growth and it looks best and most natural when the strokes are surrounded by real hair. A grow out phase of a minimum of 4-6 months is often times required. Gaps and sparsely covered areas can be filled in, resulting in the most natural look possible. Too many added strokes from either Microfeathering or Microblading can result in an unnatural look. The color should be closely matched to eyebrow hair color, not to head hair color. Microfeathering is not a three dimensional procedure and is therefore not meant to create an entirely different and new eyebrow, but more of a way to fill in sparse areas of hair.

What exactly is The Feathered Brow?
The Feathered Brow is a softly shaped, natural looking eyebrow. Using a combination of strategic tweezing and tinting to shape is how we achieve that feathered look. Most times it takes a series of regular (every 6-8 week appointments) to achieve the end result. I truly believe everyone looks best with what they are given naturally. This process can take up to a year so you have to be patient but its totally worth it. If you’re someone that has been waxing or tweezing over the years you may be maintaining a shape someone gave you years ago in the 90’s (when it was cool to wear them thin). I often times urge clients to look at photos of themselves before they started doing any kind of tweezing or waxing to get an idea of their natural shape. My philosophy when it comes to tweezing is its more about they hair you leave, not the hair you take. Sometimes its a matter of removing just a few hairs to make them more even and that makes all the difference. A fuller, more natural brow is the most ideal, non-invasive way to a youthful modern look that is both beautiful and easy to maintain once you’re there.

What are you obsessed with right now? - Tell us about it.
Ceramics!! I joined a great ceramics studio early last year and it has honestly been such a joyful addition to my day/ week. I try to go everyday but with my schedule its more like 2-3 times a week. I’m also pretty obsessed with my new semi-permanent technique called Microfeathering, its the most amazing and natural way to fill in the holes and sparse of the brow that wont grow back. After getting clients on a regular regime of tweezing every 8 weeks we begin to see their natural shape grow back in. This does take a year but its worth it! Sometimes not all the hair grows back so I use this as a way to fill-in just the areas that need it rather than creating a whole different eyebrow.

You look amazing in everything -- we love your style! If you had to pick a uniform, what items of clothing would you choose and why?
Well thank you!! :) Clothing and getting dressed is definitely something I enjoy and love putting things together and taking risks! If I was to pick a uniform I would make it totally utilitarian! I’m a real doer and cant sit still very long or be trusted in anything too fancy or nice because I always find myself doing something I shouldn’t be and making a mess, lol! I just co-designed a really chic but utilitarian smock with Hilary of Bliss and Mischief to wear while working. We use dyes and pigments that can stain so its nice to be able to dress for work but also be protected! I can literally throw it over anything and it looks amazing but really protects the threads!

LIGHTNING ROUND -- What's in your Bag?

Lipstick or chapstick? 
Lipstick on top of chapstick/ lip balm!
Loose change or change purse?
Change purse
Cookie crumbs or keep it clean?
Keep it clean with the occasional crumbs from chips or pretzels -- I like the salty snacks
Car keys or metro card?
Book or tablet? 
Really into my Kindle but still love the feeling (and smell) of a book.
Essential oils or Advil?
Both! Loving the Stress Relief Oil by True Botanicals
Sunglasses or reading glasses? 
Sunglasses. Believe it or not, I still have perfect vision! (Knock wood)


The Salt the strap that is so me (right now) is the Duke Strap, it just works with everything and that bright cobalt blue is my color.
The dream bag I would pair it with is m
y vintage bags!! My favorite bags are the ones I’ve been collecting over the years- they’re one of a kind!
The most essential thing in my bag is
The most embarrassing thing in my bag is well s
ome may say my face razor that I use to take care of the unwanted facial hair on my lip and chin, but I think it's nothing to be embarrassed about!
The most random thing in my bag is p
robably my mini tape measure. Never know when you’ll need to measure something!
I always carry B
and Aids in case of emergencies.
Describe the inside of your bag in 5 words or less.
Pretty organized :)

The source for Kristie's edit:
The Feathered Brow, Striiike, the Duke strap, Essentials Eyebrow Grooming Kit, GrandeBrow, M2 Brow Rejuvenating Serum, Afore oilStress relief Oil from True Botanicals


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