December 18, 2018


Maria Reich is “The Fur Boss.” She’s earned that moniker honestly as the super hard-working CEO of both Reich and Oscar De La Renta Furs. Whether she’s designing a new collection, attending one of her sons’ games or sharing the details of her life with over 30,000 loyal Instagram followers, Maria inspires, always looking ahead to the horizon. We caught up with this Salt Shaker to get a couple tips on life as a #Boss:

What’s on the horizon for The Fur Boss?  Tell us what you are working on right now.
I’m playing with this notion at the moment ... that there is nothing scarier in life then when things don’t change -- to embrace it.  So I am constantly reinventing my brands, myself, expanding our brand matrix, working with new talent, and challenging my amazing team to embrace what makes us different from the rest of the pack.

Of all your tattoos what is your favorite and its significance to you?
“With grace", written messy in my hand writing on the top of my arm -- to walk through life  .... “with grace”.

Today there is so much emphasis on how to raise our daughters to become strong, independent women (as we should!).  As a mother of two boys, what do you feel your responsibility is in this movement?
As a single mother of two boys, there was a moment when I asked myself if I was enough? I went deep and realized, fuck yeah I am. I will continue to lead by example, that is my responsibility -- to demonstrate that I am a loving person who wants it all and works hard to get it! To show my boys what it means to have real strength and the power of integrity, honesty and courage. To show that we are love. To act from love. And most importantly live life with gratitude. 

What are you obsessed with right now and why?
-Custom painted leather Moto jackets From Star lover in London.  The designer is dope.  
-The notion that I want to dress like Steven Tyler at all times. Cause why the fuck not! 
-The thought, what will I learn today? 
-The book, Humans of New York. Because, it’s gut wrenchingly beautiful. 

You have 30K followers on Instagram. What are your go-to social media tips for start up brands, like SALT!
Be authentic. Talk to your audience. Engage with your followers. Be vulnerable.

LIGHTING ROUND - What's in your Bag?

Lipstick or chapstick?
Loose change or change purse?
Loose change that is generally covered in granola crumbs
Cookie crumbs or keep it clean?
Massive amounts of granola bar crumbs
Car keys or metro card?
Car keys
Book or tablet?
Tablet ... first edition, old school
Essential oils or Advil?
Essential oils all day
Sunglasses or reading glasses?
I’m 42! Both!!


The Salt the strap that is so me is the Bowie ... um ... cause it’s dope.
The dream bag I would pair it with is a vintage Hermes Kelly bag in green.
The most essential thing in my bag is my daily meditation card.
The most embarrassing thing in my bag is lots of candy. 
The most random thing in my bag is just lots of candy wrappers as proof of bad candy addiction.
I always carry Tata Harper Floral Essence in case of emergencies.
Describe the inside of your bag in 5 words or less.
An underground garage of crazy.

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