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April 09, 2019


In some ways, Rachael Bernstein is your typical Park Slope mom, running her kids from place to place. Only she does it in a cutout black bodysuit, a beret, and those boots you wish you owned. The creative director of the world’s chicest maternity (but also non-maternity) brand, Hatch, Rachael spends her days building brands—and brand identity—through the integration of elements from traditional print advertising and interactive design to video direction and editorial vision. Basically, she conceives collections from the ground up. Here, she gives us the inside scoop on how she manages to juggle it all while looking so damn cute:

Tell us a little bit about your current work and how you continue to create such inspiring and beautiful pieces for moms to be?
Well, I help craft the visual voice for HATCH as their Creative and Style Director. I think showing women that they can still be and feel like themselves and be amazing and beaitiful through such a sometimes challenging but amazing part of their lives is really cool.

You have overseen branding and art direction for such exciting fashion companies. What has been your favorite campaign to work on?
So many fun ones, that’s a hard one to say. Maybe David Yurman when we shot Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova, and Daria Werbowry for the same campaign. That was FUN.

You ALWAYS look so cute – what’s the secret to putting together your effortless look?
Ha, thank you. Tell me more. Just kidding. I think that I am a very visual thinker, so I see how something may look and just sort of go with it. Even if sometimes it doesn’t. I like to experiment, and sometimes I look like I got dressed in a dark closet and sometimes it works;)

What is the outfit you feel most authentically yourself in?
I love a good pair of overalls and sweater, or great jeans and tee. But that is everyones go to, sorry to be boring!

As a working mom of two, what rituals keep you sane and help you to strike a balance between work and family?
Ha, is there such a thing? Friends, humor, meditation, wine, loving what I do, and a good dose of how the F*@! and am I going to get all of this done….(Not necessarily in that order;)

What elements of suburban/country life do you fantasize about when life in New York City gets crazy?
Space, the outdoors, easy parking.

Share something we will NEVER see you wear and why.
That’s hard, I would say I am really picky about the prints I will wear. And mini back backs. Never.

LIGHTING ROUND - What's in your Bag

Lipstick or chapstick?
Cookie crumbs or keep it clean?
Try hard for clean, ocassional crumbs, prefferably sand;) 
Book or tablet?
Book for sure. 
Sunglasses or reading glasses?
Essential oils or Advil?
Car keys or metro card?
Loose change or change purse?


The Salt the strap that is so me is the Zoe.
The most embarrassing thing in my bag is right now, light up Raindeer antlers.
The most random thing in my bag is Halls cough drops that I don't need.
The most essential thing in my bag is phone, house keys.
I always carry mascara, tampons, and Advil in case of emergencies.
Describe the inside of your bag in 5 words or less.
Basics, essentials, usually clean, but often with an unmailed letter.

The source for Rachael's edit:
Hatch Collection, the Zoe strap, 


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