When Kacy Lubell and Marla Toplitzky met in college, they quickly realized three things: First, they were destined to be friends for life. Second, they had the same Laura Ashley comforter. Third, they wore the same dress to prom—one in black and one in white. They were two sides of the same coin.

Throughout the years, as they built families, careers and businesses, they remained best friends. Compelled by their complementary aesthetics, they went on style-driven quests together for everything from the ultimate chambray shirt to the perfect gold cuff.

It was on a fateful girls’ trip to Tulum that they finally found the project on which they were meant to collaborate: as a carryon, Kacy was toting a Wayuu mochila bag that she'd plucked from a local Brooklyn flea market. As Marla admired it, they got to talking about the wide strap, which offered a comfort upgrade from the standard thin leather kind that digs into the shoulder, plus a touch of cooler, more eclectic style. It reminded them of the friendship bracelets they’d woven and traded as kids—evoking their own sisterly bond. How nice would it look (and practical would it be, especially when trekking around with kids) if they could attach it to Marla’s super classic leather tote? That way, they could turn any silhouette into a cross-body and reinvigorate the bags already in their closets.

Just like that, Salt was born—the perfect accessory to your accessory.


Kacy Lubell is a designer, and mother of three. Before starting Salt, she founded coveted letterpress stationery company, Letters Lubell, which attracted notable fans. When she’s not restyling homes for friends, or working on Salt, she can be found traveling around Brooklyn with her husband, Dan, and her boys, Duke, Beau and Jack.

During her years in the fashion industry, Marla Toplitzky has worked for major fashion brands including Diane von Furstenberg, Givenchy, Sandro, Maje, Equipment, Current/Elliott and Joie. She has been lucky enough to learn from some of the most talented designers and CEOs in the industry. Still, she always envisioned working alongside one of her closest friends to create her own product and now, with Salt, she’s realizing that dream. Marla can be found out and about Greenwich Village with her husband, Harlan, and her daughter Annabelle and son Benny.