Lisa Schulner Fine x The Duke

We love Lisa Schulner Fine! When she’s not dreaming up new designs for the world’s coolest shower curtains and bathmats, this Brooklyn mother-of-two is finding ways to make the world a better place. 

Somehow, she found the time to chat with us about working with her man, cutting down on waste and, of course, bathroom style:

Q + A

Tell us about the impetus for Quiet Town Home, were you actually in your bathroom?

Quiet Town was born right after (and because of) my son, Indie. He was the worst sleeper and I was up all night, staring into the dark in his room. For some reason, my mind would always wander to shower curtains.

What is the best piece of parenting advice you ever received?

You’re not responsible for your child’s happiness.

What cause are you championing right now? Tell us why this means so much to you.

Less waste in my home and business. Did you know that 90% of the table salt in the world contains microplastics? That’s fucked up. I’m just trying to be a lot more conscience of what my family and I leave behind and what we can cut out of our lives.

How has working in fashion influenced your personal style?

I wear the same thing every day! Vintage jeans, a tee, a vintage sweatshirt and Vans or Docs.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

I can watch a disgusting amount of TV late night. But, most tragic, I watch Scandal. I’m on the last season. Thank God.

How has working with your husband changed your relationship? Is it hard to not talk about everything Quiet Town all of time?

It’s soooooooo hard not to talk about Quiet Town all the time. I don’t think that working together has changed our relationship. Building a business is so much work and brings a sick amount of stress into your life in general. So, whether I was doing this with a partner or with Michael, I’d still be stressed out. I’d rather be doing this with him. He’s the person I trust most in this world. We both have the same goals and we'd never jeopardize what’s most important for Quiet Town. When the kids are at school and we’re messing around at home or the office or wherever, taking photos and talking shop--I feel great.

Quick + Salty

Lipstick or chapstick?

Love & Sage chapstick

Loose change or change purse?

A change purse. And a shit ton of loose change.

Cookie crumbs or keep it clean?

Sand, a Cheerio, open lollipop from the bank...

Car keys or metro card?

20 random metro cards & car keys.

Book or tablet?

Neither. I read the news. On my phone. It’s horrible.

Essential oils or Advil?

Neither. I’m the person with a 2-day mirgrane running to the bodega for those travel packs of Excedrin.

Sunglasses or reading glasses?

I’m blind and wear contact lenses at all times. Sunglasses just feel weird on my face. And i’d lose them. And there’s no room in my bag for them. But I’m sure if I had a rad pair I’d be stoked for like a week. And then I’d lose them.

The Salt Strap that is so me is...

The dream bag I would pair it with is...

the Clare V. Alistair.

The most essential thing in my bag is...

my phone, my vape pen and my keys.

The most embarrassing thing in my bag is...

my 25-year-old college ID that I tried to use at a museum recently and all of the open tampons that have collected dust (and sand) at the bottom.

The most random thing in my bag is...

Indie's Bay Blade puller-thingy and 1 of Sunny’s socks (could also be the most embarrassing thing too).

I always carry ___________ in case of emergencies.

Indie’s Epi pen

Describe the inside of your bag in 5 words or less.


The Shakedown

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