Locally-made souvenirs might easily be the best part of a vacation – who doesn't love a gorgeous unique piece with a special story behind it? We wanted to capture that feeling of discovery, wonder, and pride in supporting local artisans and their traditions with Salt.

Our beautifully-designed straps are inspired by traditional Wayuu mochila bags, handwoven by artisans in the the La Guajira region of northern Colombia. When we decided to launch Salt, we knew we wanted to stay true to the authenticity of the Wayuu craftsmanship, so we formed a fair-trade partnership with artisans that have been passing down this age-old technique for generations. Each strap is an authentic Wayuu weave using local renewable resources, and the job enables them to support their families.

It was also important to us that we find a way to contribute to the Wayuu tribe as a whole, as La Guajira is the second poorest region in Latin America. After much research, we found that the Wayúu Tayá Foundation was the perfect fit. Founded in 2002, the non-governmental nonprofit is dedicated to improving the lives of Latin-American indigenous communities, while respecting their traditions, cultures, and beliefs. Since its inception, they have brought clean drinking water, medical and dental care, schools, working centers for artisans, and most of all – hope. We are so proud and honored to donate a portion of proceeds to this foundation that will go towards building a school room for Wayuu children, providing them with two meals a day and clean drinking water.

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