Collecting locally-made souvenirs is easily one of the best parts of any vacation. Who doesn’t love searching for a treasure to take home, complete with a special story behind it? These are the items that carry sentiment and meaning long after a trip, teaching us about different cultures and transporting us each time we use them. At SALT, we hope to capture that feeling of discovery, wonder and pride by supporting local artisans and their traditional craftwork.
Our beautifully-designed straps are inspired by traditional Wayúu mochila bags, handwoven in the La Guajira region of northern Colombia. When we decided to launch SALT, we knew we wanted to stay true to that Wayúu craftsmanship, so we formed a fair-trade partnership with artisans who have been passing down this age-old technique for generations.
From the beginning, it was also important to us to contribute to the Wayúu community as a whole, as La Guajira is the second poorest region in Latin America. So, initially, we partnered with the Wayúu Tayá Foundation—a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of Latin American indigenous communities, while respecting their traditions, cultures, and beliefs.
Now, we are thrilled to have found a new way to help the Wayúu artisans thrive: We’ve partnered with Nest, an amazing non-profit committed to the advancement of global artisans through transparency, sustainability and advocacy. Nest supports more than 500 artisan businesses across over 90 countries with programs aimed at preserving cultures, fighting for gender equity and helping sustainably grow artisan businesses.
Funded by a portion of proceeds from each SALT strap, Nest conducts in-depth needs assessment and well-being surveys to identify the challenges our Wayúu artisans may face, connect them with the appropriate training and resources and better understand how their work with SALT impacts their lives.
We’re so proud to help their businesses grow.
Thank you for helping us help them!
Marla & Kacy