Salt + Friends

SALT x Nest 

We are proud to partner with Nest, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of global artisans. We traveled together to Colombia to learn about the rich culture and traditions of the Wayuu community and to learn ways we can improve their lives.  We give back to Nest with each strap sold.

SALT x This Is About Humanity

We had the honor of witnessing firsthand the inspiring work TIAH is doing to help immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers on both sides of the US/Mexico border. We collaborated on The HUMANITY strap which helps raise money for this cause close to our hearts. 

SALT x Feed

We collaborated with Feed early on to combine our missions to create an exclusive FEED strap that not only helped provide meals, but also sustainable livelihoods for our artisan partners and their families. 

SALT x When We All Vote 

With the monumental 2020 election we felt compelled to get everyone involved. We chose When We All Vote, to encourage an increase in voter participation and to help close the voting age and race gap. We chose our Jack strap to offer support all the way to the polls!

SALT x F*ck Cancer

For breast cancer awareness month we collaborated on a special PINK strap to help support for f*ck cancer, a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and providing education about early cancer detection and prevention-- a cause that means so much to us. 

SALT x Rainbow Railroad

In honor of World Pride we created a limited edition rainbow PRIDE strap which helped support Rainbow Railroad, a non-profit that helps LBGTQI people escape persecution and violence around the world. This was a joy to create and celebrate. 

SALT  x Everytown

As moms we want nothing more than a safer world for our children to grow up in. We created the ORANGE strap for Everytown, a non-profit that advocates for gun control, against gun violence and to elect candidates who will govern with gun safety in mind.