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January 02, 2019


Ten years ago, Natalie Clark and Michaela McKenny met on staff at Diane von Furstenberg—and they’ve been “work wives” ever since. After years of experience in-house for top brands like Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade and Rag & Bone, these two inseparable friends—nicknamed “the girls” by industry insiders—decided to go out on their own, founding The Girls Creative, an agency that handles strategy through art direction. Today, we got The Girls to apply their innovative perspective to our Salt Shaker questions:

Tell us about The Girls Creative and how did it come to be?
We had worked together for 10 years and decided we needed more, bigger and different challenges. It was all Michaela’s idea. She sees the big picture like that.

What about your individual personalities makes your partnership work?
We usually approach something from the exact opposite direction and meet in the middle. We feel it enables a pretty unique and thorough result so try to celebrate our different approaches vs homogenize.

What are you two obsessed with right now -- tell us about it?
Our shortlist:
The Why
Sugar in the raw
(Also MIchaela's pup Oscar would be devastated if he didn't make the list)

When you aren’t working and can just chill and be friends, what do you like to do together?
Some kind of adventure. Preferably somewhere warm… good music playing... on a boat.. maybe a margarita with fresh squeeze lime juice.. is that too specific?

What tips can you share with start-ups (like us!) about how to shape the vision of our brand?
Ask yourself why (see! obsessed..) you are doing what you are doing and then from there— be as specific as possible.  Our overly-connected society has created so much competition for attention. Make sure if you are adding noise you are also adding substance and value vs. just more noise.

Is it true that everyone refers to you as “The Girls”? When did that start and what is that all about?
Um, people just always called us that. It was very convenient though as everyone else did our naming for us.

LIGHTNING ROUND - What's in your Bag?

Lipstick or chapstick?
NC: Homeoplasmine!
Loose change or change purse?
NC: Venmo please
Cookie crumbs or keep it clean?
NC: Depends on the cookie
Car keys or metro card?
NC: Uber pool
Book or tablet?
NC: All of the above, NYtimes digital, the New Yorker hard copy, Arch digest
Essential oils or Advil?
NC: Probably both, at the same time..
Sunglasses or reading glasses?
NC: 🌞


The Salt the strap that is so me is Love them all!! but went for the DUKE
The dream bag I would pair it with is the perfect vintage army bag
The most essential thing in my bag changes with the seasons, but currently my Waleda hand creme. Out here trying to beat winter.
The most embarrassing thing in my bag is for sure my phone and all its contents.
The most random thing in my bag is …are orange tic tacs random? I've gotten that feedback before but love them so much.
I always carry matches in case of emergencies. You never know!
Describe the inside of your bag in 5 words or less.A New York girl's car.  
(I feel like in other cities you can stash your stuff in your car. In NYC you need to survive out there with just the bag on your shoulder. Preferably with a really cute strap. :)

he source for The Girls' Edit:
The Girls Creative, Homeoplasmine, Waleda Skin Food Hand Cream, Vintage Army Bag, the Duke strap

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